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Use of Private Elevator Inspectors (Third-Party Inspections)

Effective July 29, 2010, there were changes to the Arizona Elevator Act. House Bill 2228 amended Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 23, Chapter 2, Article 12, to allow the use of private elevator inspectors. This means that as the owner/operator of a conveyance, you now have the option of hiring a private elevator inspector (third-party inspector approved by ADOSH) to conduct the initial and/or annual, statutorily required inspections of your conveyance. This option may be of benefit to you in the event the State Elevator Section is unable to meet your business deadlines.

If you wish to use a private elevator inspector, you may only use an inspector who has been approved and authorized by ADOSH for this purpose.

To obtain a list of ADOSH-approved private elevator inspectors: ...or contact the ADOSH Elevator Section at (602) 542-3313.

Please note that use of a private elevator inspector is at the sole discretion of the conveyance owner/operator. All costs incurred through the use of a private inspector are the sole responsibility of the owner/operator.

To obtain an unofficial Summary of Changes to the Arizona Elevator Act: To obtain a complete copy of HB 2228: