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•  AMW Statutory Max - $4,428.91

•  Arizona Minimum Wage - $8.05
(no change from 2015)

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Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Division
Michael A. Mosesso, Chief Administrative Law Judge
Gary Israel, ALJ-in-Charge (Tucson)

Location Phone FAX
800 W Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85007 (602) 542-5241 (602) 542-4135
2675 East Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716 (520) 628-5188 (520) 628-5182

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General Information for Unrepresented Injured Workers
about the Workers' Compensation Hearing Process

Frequently Asked Questions - ALJ Hearings (English)
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  1. Is there a pamphlet with all this information in it?
  2. Where can I get information about the hearing process?
  3. Where else can I get help?
  4. Do I need a lawyer?
  5. Where can I get the laws and rules that apply in workers' compensation hearings?
  6. What happens when a request for hearing is filed?
  7. What is an ALJ?
  8. How soon will my hearing be scheduled?
  9. What if I do not understand English?
  10. What if I change my address while my case is in the ALJ Division?
  11. How long will my hearing take?
  12. Do I have to be present for all of the hearings?
  13. What is a prehearing conference and do I have to participate in it?
  14. What if I want to change the date of my hearing or prehearing conference?
  15. What if I change my mind about having a hearing?
  16. Do I have to give the defendants copies of everything I file with the ALJ?
  17. What is discovery?
  18. Can I refuse to participate in discovery?
  19. Do I have to attend an independent medical examination (IME)?
  20. How do I get witnesses to come to the hearing?
  21. Do I have to pay witnesses to testify?
  22. Will the ALJ get my medical records from my doctor?
  23. What if I have nonmedical documents or records I want the ALJ to consider?
  24. What will the hearing be like?
  25. Will there be a written record of the hearing?
  26. How long after the last hearing will the ALJ decide my case?
  27. What if I do not agree with the ALJ's Decision Upon Hearing?
  28. What if I do not agree with the ALJ’s Decision Upon Review?
Frequently Used Addresses, Telephone Numbers, and Links to Resources

Industrial Commission of Arizona
Website homepage: http://www.azica.gov
Click here for information on Workers' Compensation.
Click here to see the video "A Guide to Workers' Compensation Hearings."

Industrial Commission (Phoenix)
ALJ Division
PO Box 19070
Phoenix AZ 85005-9070
Fax No.: 602-542-4135
Industrial Commission (Tucson)
ALJ Division
2675 E. Broadway Blvd
Tucson AZ 85716-5303
Fax No.: 520-628-5182

Industrial Commission Ombudsman’s Office
800 W Washington St
Phoenix AZ 85007-2903
Toll-Free Outside Maricopa County:

Maricopa County Lawyers Referral

Pima County Lawyers Referral

State Bar of Arizona (Phoenix)
4201 North 24th St. - Suite 200
Phoenix AZ 85016-6288
Toll-Free Outside Maricopa County:
1-866-48-AZBAR (1-866-482-9227)

State Bar of Arizona (Southern Office)
320 S. Convent Ave
Tucson AZ 85701-2215

Workers’ Compensation Specialists

State Bar Website: www.azbar.org
    For Workers' Comp Specialists, click here

Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One
Room 203
1501 W. Washington St
Phoenix AZ 85007-3235

Arizona Court of Appeals, Division Two
State Office Building
400 W. Congress St
Tucson AZ 85701-1352

The Industrial Commission complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Should you or anyone you are requesting for the hearing need special accommodation, contact the presiding ALJ’s office immediately.