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Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Division
Michael A. Mosesso, Chief Administrative Law Judge
Gary Israel, ALJ-in-Charge (Tucson)

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800 W Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85007 (602) 542-5241 (602) 542-4135
2675 East Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716 (520) 628-5188 (520) 628-5182

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Frequently Asked Questions - OSHA Hearings
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  1. What statutes and rules govern OSHA hearings at the Industrial Commission?
  2. What happens after a request for hearing has been submtited to the ICA?
  3. What is an ALJ?
  4. What is a prehearing conference?
  5. What is discovery?
  6. Can an ALJ help the parties resolve their dispute without a formal hearing?
  7. Where will the hearing take place?
  8. What happens if I fail to appear at the hearing?
  9. Can I call witnesses to the hearing?
  10. Who pays for the subpoenas?
  11. Can I ask for documents, too?
  12. What are the possible outcomes of a hearing?
  13. How soon after the hearing will the ALJ issue a decision?
  14. What if I disagree with the decision of the ALJ?
  15. What if I disagree with the decision of the Review Board?
  16. Do I have to have a lawyer in an OSHA Hearing?
  17. May I retain an out-of-state lawyer to represent me?
  18. Can I get legal advice from the Industrial Commission?