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2016 Wage Info
•  AMW Statutory Max - $4,428.91

•  Arizona Minimum Wage - $8.05
(no change from 2015)

•  Get Info:2015 Az Minimum Wage
•  Get Info:2016 Az Minimum Wage
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•  Get Info:2016 Az AMW Max

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Arizona Physicians' & Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Is there a pamphlet with all this information in it?
  2. What is the authority under which the schedule of fees is set?
  3. What is the methodology used by the Commission to establish its schedule of fees?
  4. How often is the Arizona Fee Schedule reviewed by the Commission?
  5. When does the annual review of the Fee Schedule take place? Is there an opportunity to participate in the review process?
  6. What fees are covered under the Arizona Fee Schedule?
  7. What is the appropriate fee for products, supplies, or services not covered under the Fee Schedule? Is it "usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR)"?
  8. May a provider bill for services using a code that has not been adopted by the Commission?
  9. May a provider covered by the Fee Schedule negotiate a fee that is different from that in the Fee Schedule?
  10. Does the Fee Schedule apply to services provided by out-of-state providers?
  11. Does the Fee Schedule apply to fees charged by chiropractors and naturopaths?
  12. Does the Fee Schedule apply to fees charged by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or certified nurse anesthetists?
  13. Does the Fee Schedule apply to fees charged by Physical Therapy Assistants?
  14. Does the Fee Schedule apply to fees charged by hospitals or outpatient surgery facilities?
  15. Does the Fee Schedule apply to charges for materials and supplies used in the physician's office?
  16. Does the Fee Schedule apply to charges for ambulance services, durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotic supplies, or surgical implants?
  17. Does the Fee Schedule apply to fees charged for independent medical examinations?
  18. Does the Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule permit a Payer to choose the publication source for determining Average Wholesale Price?
  19. What publication is required to be used for purposes of determining Average Wholesale Price?
  20. Does the Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule apply to repackaged medicines dispensed by a physician?
  21. What is the Average Wholesale Price for repackaged drugs?
  22. I am a physician and I have been subpoenaed to provide telephonic court testimony. How do I bill for my services?
We encourage you to send your comments and questions regarding the Fee Schedule to:

Rev 12/2015