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2016 Wage Info
•  AMW Statutory Max - $4,428.91

•  Arizona Minimum Wage - $8.05
(no change from 2015)

•  Get Info:2015 Az Minimum Wage
•  Get Info:2016 Az Minimum Wage
•  Get Info:2015 Az AMW Max
•  Get Info:2016 Az AMW Max

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Phoenix: 800 W Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85007 - Phone: (602) 542-4661
Tucson: 2675 East Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716 - Phone: (520) 628-5181

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The Industrial Commission provides a wide variety of brochures, forms, and posters associated with the responsibilities it has and the services it provides. Select a link below to take you to a page related to the topic for which you would like to obtain brochures, forms, or posters. There will be links on that page for all the materials available for that topic.

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Labor and Wage
  •  Wage Claims
  •  Youth Employment
  •  Private Employment Agencies
  •  Minimum Wage
  •  Workers' Compensation Claims and Related Matters
Insurance Including Tax Forms
  •  Workers' Compensation Insurance
  •  Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA / ADOSH)
Requests for Proposals
  •  Requests for Proposals (both forms and packets for RFPs, if any are open)
Public Records
  •  Request for Public Records at the ICA

The Industrial Commission also maintains lists of frequently asked questions, policy statements, reports, statistics, and other resources that can be accessed from the menu at left.