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•  AMW Statutory Max - $4,337.82

•  Arizona Minimum Wage - $8.05

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Continuation of Public Notices and Recent News & Events

This list is a continuation of the Public Notices and Recent News & Events columns on the home page.

06/16/11     Commission stays enforcement of federal CPL 03-11-002
04/26/11     Language added to 2010 Fee Schedule: Explanation of Review, Disputes . . .
01/20/11     Notice of ADOSH Amendments to Acetylene Rules
11/16/10     Notice of Rulemaking Docket Opening re A.A.C. R20-5-601 & 602
04/29/11     ADOSH reminds employers of the dangers of HEAT-related illnesses
04/28/11     Commission selected for Sticht Excellence in Disabilities Accessibility Award
04/26/11     Commission announces Arizona minimum wage for CY 2011
04/21/11     ProcureAZ: the new way to do business with the State
01/10/11     Forklift Fatalities Investigated
11/22/10     ADOSH / Employer Forum in Yuma February 15, 2011
11/04/10     Commission posts Fee Schedule FAQs Sheet.
10/19/10     Fee Schedule Surgery Codes 60000 thru 69990 Corrected
10/10/10     Assistance Avoiding Falls Thru Skylights and Roof Openings
09/13/10     Admin and Spec Fund Assessment Rates for CY 2011
09/13/10     Admin and Spec Fund Assessment Rates for CY 2011
09/03/10     New OSHA area office does not affect ADOSH jurisdiction
09/03/10     Correction to 2010 Fee Schedule Para 4
09/01/10     2010 Physicians' and Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule - sign in
08/05/10     Summary of 2010 Physicians' & Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule
07/28/10     OSHA issues new standard on cranes and derricks
06/30/10     Governor Brewer Appoints Two New Commissioners
06/30/10     Commissioners select new Vice Chairman
06/10/10     Commission adopts AMW Statutory Max for CY 2011: $3,920.75
03/12/10     OSHA issues two new SHIBs
03/12/10     ADOSH Affirms Commitment to VPP
02/10/10     Boost Your Business Status thru VPP
02/02/10     Download ICA's 2009 Annual Report
01/26/10     OSHA publishes e-tool on Electric Power Generation . . .
01/04/10     Respiratory Protection of Healthcare Workers from H1N1
11/12/09     ADOSH improves efforts to target workplace inspections
10/08/09     Minimum wage will not increase in 2010
10/06/09     What is Significant Exposure under the law?
09/30/09     Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Changes Effective 9/30/09
05/08/09     Federal OSHA H1N1 Guidance