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Frequently Asked Questions - Private Employment Agencies

Is an Employment Agency that charges a placement fee required to be licensed in the State of Arizona?

If the fee is only charged to the company, an employment agency license is not required.

What is a career counseling service?

A career counseling service provides career assistance, career management, job search assistance, career evaluation or planning, or information and advice on career decisions including vocational guidance and employment counseling, interview preparation, or other information to enable an individual to obtain employment.

What criteria are used in deciding whether my license is denied?

The criteria used in deciding whether an application is denied is contained in A.A.C. R20-5-309(B).

Once a license is issued, how long is the license valid?

The license is valid for one year. Every licensee has to submit a renewal application on an annual basis.

Are there any license fees that have to be paid annually?

There is an initial license fee due after the licensee is approved by the Commission and an annual fee for each year the license is renewed. The fee is one hundred dollars for an agency with fewer than three placement counselors, two hundred dollars for an agency with three to eight placement counselors and three hundred dollars for an agency with more than eight placement counselors.

If the status of my agency changes, do I have to notify the State Labor Department?

If the trade name of the agency or the location of the agency changes, a thirty day advance written notice is required. Licenses are not transferable. A new license must be applied for and issued before anyone else can operate the business.

If an individual has paid a fee to an agency and believes that the agency has not complied with the terms of the agreement, what recourse does that individual have?

A complaint can be filed with the State Labor Department and an investigation will be conducted.

What other types of complaints does the Department investigate?

The Department investigates complaints against unlicensed businesses allegedly charging fees to individuals.

What is the penalty for operating without a license?

It is a Class 6 Felony to operate without a license.